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Friday, July 23, 2004

Rupture... not rapture....

Monday - went for the free corporate challenge tennis tournament final.. We won quite effortlessly against the US Bank ladies... 8-4. Seems like they had jitters, coz they didn't hit as hard as they did in practice. After that we played some more at Baseline (Indoor woohoo... siung2 was paying for the court.. only 7 bucks for the whole 2 hours.. Thanks Anatoly!)Yves and Siung2 was kicking Tri's and my butt.. grrr.. Yves was really good that day.. he kicked siung2's butt after that playing singles.
Tuesday - Don't remember much.. probably just stayed home
Wednesday - Went to Brian's place after work.. then went to a dance studio. Yves and me sat and watched Brian and Monica in an intermediary salsa class. It's funny how I can follow the instruction easily if I'm just sitting there.. but when I took a ballroom dance class 3 years ago.. it's really hard to follow instructions.. uncoordinated limbs :D  Maybe that's why I prefer private tutoring for dancing.. less awkwardness.
After that we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for 50 cents legs *yum*.. just when we found a table and sat.. Miu called.. said she had severe stomachache and need to go to ER. So we picked her up... poor Miu.. her face was so pale when she had to wait to register in ER.. then had to wait again to fill insurance information @#@#%@$# she was in PAIN! Anyway.. once she got admitted the nurse gave her morphine shots.. ahhhhh relief... (I suppose.. never had one). Monica said the nurse looked like Venus Williams (I agree:P) I guess morphine didn't affect Miu ability to think *damn*.. so we couldn't get away with getting answers to questions that normally she wouldn't answer.. blah :P After staying for awhile.. it's decided that Monica would stay there to accompany Miu. Me, Yves, Brian went to HK Mie to get dinner. Had noodles w/ salt&pepper sole fish fillet... again... (Frenchie y u like it so much ?).
When we got back it was almost 11 pm. Monica and Yves had to go and we agreed that Brian would be backup if Miu had to stay overnight so it was just me there. Miu got 2 CT scan (first one wasn't clear enough.. geez). Doctor said it was a 2.6 cm ovary cyst, gave her a prescription for painkiller and released her at 2 am. We went to the in house pharmacy and waited a looooooong time there.. Miu vomited once on the floor since I was too late in getting the trash bin...and she did it right in front of a janitor who was drying the floor after scrubbing it clean.. oops.. sorry. Slept at 3 am.
Miu called again at 5 am.. stomach hurt again... nauseous again. Went to ER again, met the same nurse again.. HAD TO REGISTER AGAIN @#$%%$#@.. can't bear her pale face.. poor miu. Got her in a bed and had some painkillers injected. Called Healthpartners and got an appointment with an Ob-gyn at 8.20 right across the ER *phew*, so at 8 she sat in a wheelchair and off we go wheeeee. Had to wait at waiting room for 2 hours before Miu got out.. said that her cyst ruptured.. and she need to rest in bed for 1 week.She said she's tired of answering the same questions over and over again.. "NO I'm NOT PREGNANT" hihi.
A really nice pregnant lady in the pharmacy's waiting room offered her chair to me while I was talking w/ Miu.. maybe since Miu looked so pale. Finally the pills were ready. Got home at 1, dropped Miu to her apt.. went to Rainbow for her food, doctor's order.. only toast, tea, applesauce, banana, FLAT sprice/ginger ale. Slept for couple hours while Brian replaced me. Iyo flew in from SF at 5 this morning.. such a sweet BF :) Well hope u get well soon Miu.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Two for one nights

Can't expect myself to write another long one everyday I guess....

Just realized that the first song in my new chinese compilation CD
yesterday was the "erotic" version of Ai Shang Yi Ge Bu Hui Jia De
Ren.. not the one by Sally Yeh.. this one is with moaning etc.. ugh.
Have to reburn a new one I guess..

Watched two movies yesterday back to back with Brian, Jia, Yves and
Monica - King Arthur then I, Robot. "King Arthur" is sooo different
from the stories I read on books. Merlin... a shaman ?? Guinevere.. an
archer like Legolas ? (Much prettier of course.. and Kiera Knightley's
lips... mmmmmm sooo kissable *shiver* :P)

There was some pretty good war strategy in there too.. have to remember that one if I'm to become a war chief someday :D

"I, Robot" is a typical sci-fi futuristic action movie.. nothing much to write about.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Tennis surrounded by skyscrapers...

First real post!.
Felt real tired tonight.. hardly can walk anymore...
I snuck out from work at 3.40 coz I have a tennis match in a free tournament at 5 pm. Arrived there at 4.55, me and Yves saw that our opponent were already hitting there.. and oh BOY were they really good!. Seems like our opponents were 9.0... they were hitting the ball with such power and depth.... I commented to our tournament host... "They are 8.0 and below ???" More on this..

The tennis court itself was really unique... usually during normal days it's not a tennis court.. more like an open space in downtown... surrounded by skyscrapers in 4 directions. If there is a tennis tournament then they will put some kind of plastic material about half inch thick on the ground to form the court, and they'll put a short net around to prevent the balls going out to traffic.. didn't help much though... a smash or an errant hit will cause one of us or the tournament host to walk and weave our way through buses and cars to pick up the balls :P
Felt like an exhibitionist yesterday, coz people were walking by in business suit and they saw us playing tennis and they stopped and they gawked..

On to the match itself.. after me and Yves getting ready and started to hit with them, we realized that actually only one of them was really good.. about a bit lower than 5.0 I guess. The other one was not that good.. The match format was first to 8 games win. We started to play and we were winning easily till 6-1. Then Yves started to slack.. or he claimed it was the Gatorade effect!. It was the first time he drank Gatorade.... and he said he got reaaaaally thirsty and hyper after drinking Gatorade. He was running towards weak serves and just slam the ball to the net *grin*. He must've also hit a world record in most amount of killer double faults hehehe sorry Frenchie...
Soon we were in deep trouble since it was 6-3, then 6-4, then 7-4, then 7-5 7-6 7-7 !!!
My serve.. I served and won the point.. and I toss the ball to the opponent... thinking it was a tie breaker.....oops... apparently I should still serve.. since tie breaker happens at 8-8 not 7-7 *blush* anyway more power to me! We won that game and the next game too.. so we won 9-7 phew...
Apparently we were already in the semifinals since there were only 7 pairs in the tournament hehe. Maybe the 5.00 pm starting time really turns people off since they have to sneak out from work to enter this "Corporate Challenge" tournament.. even though it's free. So the finals will be on Monday 6 pm. Got a sneak peek on our potential final opponent... either a pair of grandpa/grandma or a pair of lovely young ladies from US Bank :P Looked like the US Bank pairs will win.. so we'll play against them Monday. Even though they're girls.. they look like they can kick our butts if we don't play carefully.... oh we'll see.

After the match, since it was only 6.30 and I promised Monica we'd play tennis afterwards, we went to UofM tennis center. The courts were full of USTA League players, there were only 1 court left. So we head to that court. But there were 2 other girls walking there too... and after chatting with them, we decided that Monica and Yves will play on half, those two Japanese girl will play on the other half.. while I asked 3 guys on the court next to us to join them.
So here I was, playing with 3 really young guys.. I'd guess they're freshman, not even 20 years old yet... and boyyyy do I feel old. Can't match their power. I guess I'm old enough that I had to rely on cunningness and ball placement instead of sheer power :P We played two sets.
Jia came during my second set and she started to hit with Yves.. poor Yves had to hit with two girls :D I helped after I finished up with those guys.. but soon afterwards I felt too tired to even lift my right arm so I just planted my butt at courtside and watched.

Went to Applebees afterwards.... had to wait 30 minutes before our food was served and I was HUNGRY!! Still can't finish both boneless chicken wings and chicken quesadillas though...

Monday, May 10, 2004


dui mian de nu hai kan guo lai :)